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Einar Arnaldur Melax

  • 1980 -´85: 
    Working in various artistic fields; with the neo-surreal group “Medusa”, Reykjavík; performances, poetry and visual arts. 
    With experimental music group “Fan Houtens Koko” (published cassettes: “Musique elementaire” 1981 and “Mister K.” 1982). 
    With extreme Rockgroup “KUKL” (Published 2 records: “The Eye” 1984 and “Holidays in Europe” 1985 both published by the English company Crash Records). 
    Working music with various student theatre productions.
  • 1989: 
    B.A. in music education from the Music Conservatory in Reykjavík.
  • 1989 -´94: 
    Director of music schools in Iceland: Flateyri (´89-´91) & Kirkjubćjarklaustur (´91-´94).
  • 1992: 
    Composing music to the film “Dagsverk” by Kári Schram (documentary about the life of the Icelandic poet and painter Dagur Sigurđarson).
  • 1993:
    Composing music to a TV Program about the Icelandic poet Jón úr Vör.
  • 1994 -´95:
    Studied in Reykjavík’s Music Conservatory;
    Composition with Karólína Eiríksdóttir, 
    Theory with Guđmundur Hafsteinsson
    Computer music with Thorsteinn Hauksson. 
  • 1995:
    Collaboration with Icelandic poet Thorri.
    Publication of music-poetry disc by the name “Exem"
  • 1996:
    Composing film music to “Draumadísir” by Ásdís Thoroddsen. The music was performed by the kammermusic group “Caput”.
  • 1983 -´96:
    1983 'Sketches for Piano' - Tribute to various composers; Bartok, Satie, Messiaen & more.
    1985 'String Travels' - String Quartett for 4 Italian wonderchildren
    1987 'Grandmother' - Quintett for two violins, viola & 2 french horns.
    1990 'Introitus' - Quartett for harmonium, horn, two churchbells and a country church.
    1994 'On the 128th birthday of Eric Satie' - Duet for violin and fagott. 
    'Tribute to spring and Franz Liszt' - Trio for klarinet, cello & piano.
    1996 'Poem' - Trio for soprano voice, obo & piano.
  • 1997 -'98:
    Director of music school in Lundur Öxarfjörđur, Iceland.
  • 1998:
    Present interests and works:
    Working on an opera to a liberetto dy Dagur Sigurđarson. 
    Collecting environmental and natural sounds on a DAT recorder for use and processing in digital environment. 
    Working and composing with computer and electronics, as far as my equipment goes. 
    Constructing classical instruments & other musical instruments for sound processing.