A group of teenagers in Breiđholt (a suburb in Reykjavík, Iceland.) gave their activites and fellowship the name Medúsa, dating from november 1979 until around 1983-84 when its members were already heading in different directions.

Medúsa´s activites and hobbies were amongst other things:
Poetry and publishing, visual arts and exibitions, performances and musical activites (FanHoutensKókó).

The prime ideological motors could be claimed to have been Sjón (Sigurjón B. Sigurđsson) and Ólafur Engilbertsson who were heavily into surrealism and dada. With full respect to other members.

Members of Medusa and their workings at that time:

Einar Melax; watercoloring, drawing, book-art, music-creations.
Jóhamar; writing, oil painting, poetry-reading.
Matthías Magnússon; writing, photography, collage, synthesizing and singing (in FanHoutensKókó)
Ólafur Jóhann Engilbertsson; involuntary drawing and writing, concrete poetry, book-art, oil and pastel, playing bass and chanting
(in FanHoutensKókó)
Sjón; poetry, visual-art, performance and puppet-making.
Ţór Eldon; poetry, music, illustrations.