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Filming in Natural Studios at Jokulsarlon - Glacierlagoon

The Jökulsárlon Glacier Lagoon Natural Studio has been the filming site for many scenes of famous movies, episodes and commercial film.

All commercial projects are subject to a license to be purchased beforehand.

A unique pearl of nature, Jokulsarlon, also know as Glacier Lagoon, is situated in southeast coast of Iceland.

Jokulsarlon has been known over the years for its spectacular arctic view. It has been extremely popular as a site for professional film-making and photography.

If you are in the professional film-making or photography, the motion picture, TV commercials or magazines images and are considering a unique panoramic view, please feel free to contact the Jokulsarlon Landowners to apply for the required license and secure your date's schedule in good advance.

At Jokulsarlon nature studios, some of the most fantastic film shots have been made. Among the most famous ones are the movies, James Bond 007 Die another Day and A View to a Kill, and Tomb Raider.

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