The Hologram
I Have An Idea.
I want a software on internet where everyone can say what he thinks about  the  words,
God , Gud, Jahve, Allah and so on, and their meaning.
 One may say, his god is good or he is the energy in the world or something else.
When we have the answers we might see, that the opinion is very similar,
from the people of the religious sects of the world.
Sometimes there could be  more misunderstanding between the sects of  Christianity,
and between the sects of Islam, than between Christianity and Islam.
Then we could see if  a misunderstanding, was the biggest obstacle of a union,
or of a more friendly world.
What is the name of God.
One says his name is Allah,
the other says his name is Jahve
and the third says God.
Should we have a dictionary when we use these words.
Should we use the same language when we talk together ?
The word Allah could have relations to the word all.
The word  Jahve or Yahweh,
could have relations to,
I am, he who is, what there is, or all.
The word God, Gud could have relations to the word good,
gut or god, if we take two cubic meters of cold,
join them in one and  we get more heat,
we say there exists no cold only heat,
maybe there is no evil only unequal good,
then all is good.
 When we say yes, ja, nai, amen we use a dictionary,
and we try to use a language and words,
which we think we can understand.
We learn the language, we use a dictionary.
What is the best the disciplines of god have said,
perhaps three references per name.
I want someone, perhaps Gallup to have a public opinion poll on this..
It could be very interesting to know what we are fighting for.
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