thanks to Bonnie and Bob who made this an adventure

BarbaraJohnLaurie.jpg (40037 bytes)
Barbara, John and Laurie
CarlaJohn.jpg (7452 bytes)
Carla and John
CarlaPattiDanBob.jpg (16294 bytes)
Carla, Patti, Dan and Bob
Ferdi.jpg (11257 bytes)
Ferdi and group
JamieKathleen.jpg (17524 bytes)
Jamie and Kathleen
JamiePatti.jpg (6785 bytes)
Jamie and Patti
PattiDan.jpg (16026 bytes)
Patti and Dan
Chicago.jpg (29212 bytes)
Chicago from Sue
Thank you all my friends for making this trip so great;-)

Pictures from Patti, Jamie, Kenzie, Barb

©Lára Stefánsdóttir, July 2001, all Kidlinkers can take and use those pictures;-)