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The complete beginner┤s introduction to Iceland┤s dynamic geology . Includes
interactive map of Iceland showing main features and pictures.
Icelandic earth science links - Dewey classified links relating to Icelandic earth science.
News sources and journals. - bibliography and contact addresses for Icelandic earth science news sources.
Other useful links - institutions in Iceland concerned with earth science and general links of interest.


Dewey classified Icelandic Earth Science Links

updated: 14.09.2000

Choose main class or subclass from the following. The most relevant are in heavy print.

360 Social services, associations|500Natural sciences|520Astronomy and allied sciences|530Physics|540Chemistry and allied sciences|550Earth sciences|560Paleontology|570Life sciences|580Plants|590Animals|600Technology|620Engineering and allied sciences|660Chemical engineering|900Geography. History.

last update:14.09.2000


360 Social services, associations

Er j÷r­inn a­ hitna? (┴gust H Bjarnason, RT hf) - very well written account (both English and Icelandic versions) of connection between climatic change and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, treated in a critical way and with reference to other theories. Many good links provided.

Ýslenski umhverfisvefurinn - Umhverfismßl ═slendinga ß Netinu ( Albert Sigur­sson ) - good collection of environmental links relating to Icelandic issues. (Ýsl. innihald:almennt um umhverfismßl, nokkur veigamikil umhverfismßl, stofnanir, fyrirtŠki og samt÷k, umhverfisrÚttur, opinberar umhverfisstefnur, skipulags- og bygg­amßl, anna­ sem tengist umhverfismßlum.

Ministry for the Environment in Iceland
English version

National Energy Auhority of Iceland - Energy Resources Division - Not much at present, but gives information on the responsibilities.  See also: The Energy Statistics and Analysis Division  and Energy legislation  for further information which may help you with environmental issues.

VefsÝ­ur um Nßtt˙ruvernd (Sigr˙n Helgadˇttir og fl. KH═) - in Icelandic - includes chapter on "Hvernig verndum vi­ nßtt˙runa?" 

Ve­urstofa ═slands - Jar­e­lisfrŠ­ideild - the geophysics department covers monitoring in several fields of earth science including ozone levels above ReykjavÝk.

Ůekking, vernd og nřting hßlendis ═slands (RÝkis˙tvarpi­) - web about issues in landuse and protection arising from a conference(Jan 1999) organised by the Conservation organisation (Landvernd)


500 Natural sciences and mathematics
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520 Astronomy and allied sciences
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530 Physics
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Ve­urstofa ═slands - Jar­e­lisfrŠ­ideild - the geophysics department covers monitoring in several fields of earth science relevant to a spreading ocean ridge scenario including: seismic, strain measurements, GPS and gravity.  The department also monitors ozone levels above ReykjavÝk.

540 Chemistry and allied sciences
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550 Earth sciences
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560 Paleontology and paleozoology
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570 Life sciences and Biology
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New life on SurtseyScientists and researchers returning from a five-day expedition to the volcanic island of Surtsey off... Short newstext on research expedition, biology and geology

580 Plants
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590 Animals
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600 Technology (Applied sciences)
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The Technological Institute of Iceland - mainly concerned with:production-, material-, environmental-, chemical-, bio-, and foodtechnology.


620 Engineering and allied operations
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660 Chemical engineering
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900 Geography, History.


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