Large libraries providing online services

British Library - this is a link to their online services. You will have to pay for anything here.

Gabriel - Gateway to Europe´s national libraries From here you can get the online services and publications of Europe's National Libraries.

Library of Congress - Homepage. Gives the full range of services: exhibitions, book catalogues and research tools. (for online books and journal searching see also entry in GEO. Library Search ).

OPAC 97 launched in May 1997, this online service provides free access via the World Wide Web to the catalogues of the major British Library collections in London and Boston Spa. That means over one hundred and fifty million items representing every age of written civilisation, every written language and every aspect of human thought!

The Science Museum Library, London - Their recently published vision statement says:"Our mission is to be a library of international standing in the history and the public understanding of science and technology, serving the needs of the Science Museum, Imperial College, the international scholarly community and the general public." They also aim at international coverage in their collections. The web pages include logon instructions for TELNET searching of the library´s very large online catalogue.


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