Journals in HamrahlÝ­ College Library

Journals in HamrahlÝ­ College Library

Note: there is also a considerable collection of photocopied journal articles in the library. Contact the librarian.

The following journals frequently contain articles relevant to earth and planetary science. They are classified by the Dewey system. Icelandic journals are marked with but many have English summaries and this is indicated:

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500 Natural sciences
520 Astronomy 550 Earth sciences
620 Engineering and allied sciences 910 Geography

500 Natural sciences

Nßtt˙rufrŠ­ingurinn - general natural science journal with English summaries.

New scientist

Scientific American (see also online version) monthly general science journal. Articles are usually articles on recent major scientific findings written by experts in their field. Aimed at the general scientific community and therefore avoids technical jargon where possible. Not always easy to read and doesn┤t use sub headings. Very good diagrams and substantial captions often give a pretty good summary on their own, however.

520 Astronomy

Sky and Telescope (see also online version) - covers all aspects of astronomy, including planetary science. Generally fairly easy to read and very well illustrated.

550 Earth sciences

J÷kull (journal of the Glaciological Society & Geoscience Society of Iceland ) - published as an international journal in English, with Icelandic summaries.

620 Engineering and allied sciences


910 Geography

National Geographic Magazine - (see also online version) general articles of a geographical nature. Sometimes includes interestingly covered space topics.