GEO. Virtual field trips - key map
choose area from the map or from the list below.

Note: clicking on areas 2 & 3 in southern Iceland will take you to a more detailed interactive map. From there you can choose from several virtual field trips created as part of the Netd @ys “97 project. These provide information on the geology of the area as well as some student comments. There are also some image collections without commentary.

1. South west Iceland I. - the Western active volcanic zone and extinct Quaternary volcanic systems.
2. Southern Iceland - southern lowlands to Hekla. Vestmann Islands. - from the Eastern active volcanic zone.
3. Southern and southeast Iceland - Myrdalsjökull (Katla), Skeišarįrsandur, Öręfajökull.
4. Eastern fjiords.
5. Northern active volcanic zone - Mżvatn, Krafla.
6. Western fjiords.
7. Snęfellsnes