GEO. Virtual field trips - S.W Iceland - glaciated landscape, extinct and active volcanic systems.

There are 2 virtual field trips. Choose from the brief descriptions below. or go directly to the interactive maps.

1. older glaciated areas

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2. Images without commentary

3. active volcanic zone

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1. Panoramic views from the top of Skßlafell. - these views, some of which are composites, show typical landscapes in the southwest of Iceland. Looking northwards and westwards we see features including: glacially eroded valleys and an extinct volcanic system with associated rhyolitic rocks and alteration. Other features of similar age (1,0 - 1,8 Ma) include flood basalt flows in cross section. Looking in the opposite direction towards the active volcanic zone we see an active central volcano, Hengill. Considerable seismic activity has occurred there in the past few months (see updated maps from the Meteorological Service, ReykjavÝk).

2. Glaciated landscape in Quaternary /Tertiary strata (Hvalfj÷r­ur, Mosfellsdalur, Kistufell og fl.) - An interactive geological map enables you to choose different viewpoints of typical landscapes. The views, some of which are taken after early winter snowfalls, show clearly the typical lava flows, mˇberg (hyaloclastic) rocks and consolidated morainic deposits of the Quaternary. In places the lavas from one volcanic system lie unconformably on the rocks of an older or partly contemporary, system. They can be seen in the many deeply eroded valleys. A variety of geomorphological features can also be seen including hanging valleys and huge rock slides (icel. berghlaup).

3. The active Reykjanes peninsula. - A view of some typical features of the landscape, with an annotated explanatory iamge.

Note: alternatively you can get an impression of the same landscapes from an automatic slideshow. The show is 550Kb approx. so it takes a little while to load, but once in your computer, it will recycle fast.

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