A survey of web sites intended for teaching science.
Uses and quality evaluation.

Georg R Douglas
Hamrahl College
105, Reykjavk, Iceland
E-mail: george@rvik.ismennt.is

The GEO. website tried to build on the results of this survey


appl.gif (108 bytes)Introduction
appl.gif (108 bytes)A survey of educational web sites
-----appl2.gif (108 bytes)Brief comment on the results
appl.gif (108 bytes)Quality evaluation
appl.gif (108 bytes)Development of an instrument for evaluating educational webpage quality
-----appl2.gif (108 bytes)The results of the evaluation
appl.gif (108 bytes)Discussion
appl.gif (108 bytes)Concluding remarks
appl.gif (108 bytes)Just look at the figures, tables etc.
appl.gif (108 bytes)References and URLs used.

Report carried out within the Library and Information Science Programme,
Dept. of  Social Sciences, University of Iceland, 1997