Route Map

Choose one of the main areas which we visit on our field trip, for a more detailed map, pictures and information.

1. The Skaftár lava (Laki) - erupted in 1783-84

2. The Skeiðárarsandur - site of catastrophic jökulhlaup floods in 1996 and often in the past.

3. Katla (Mýrdalskökull) - last major eruption in 1918 and long overdue.

4. Hekla, the medieval entrance to hell - eruptions in 1991, 1981 and 1970. A major eruption in 1947 and many large eruptions in historical time.

5. Vestmannaeyjar - eruption in 1973 led to evacuation of this thriving fishing centre. Today life is back to normal.

Please travel along with us on some or all of these trips
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