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The map shows our route to Laki and the huge fissure from which the Skaftár lava erupted in 1783.

Our day starts off at Kirkjubærjarklaustur, near the bottom of the map. We start off by looking across the huge expanse of lava, but most of our route lies northwards across much older rocks which include Pleistocene lavas and móberg. The Skaftár lava of 1783-84 lies to either side of us in the Skaftá and Hverfisfljót river valleys. Eventually, we come in sight of the lava again at Laki, where we also explore the eruption fissure itself.

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(Map from Geological map of Iceland, sheet 6, Museum of Natural History and The Icelandic Geodetic Survey, Reykjavík, with permission.)

Simplified key

Postglacial basic + intermediate lavas (younger/older)

Pyroclastic or eruption site

Mainly Interglacial basic + internmediate lavas < 0,7 m.y

Basic + intermediate móberg (hyaloclastite) (younger/older)