The daily life of an Icelandic teenager is not at all that much different from other European teenagers. And just to avoid any misunderstanding; NO! we don´t live in igloos and whalemeat is not the most common food, in fact it is very rare.

A little about the school system and the Icelandic nightlife.

About the school system:

We finish primary school the year we turn 16 and from there on education is a free choice, although most Icelandic teenagers go to menntaskóli or pre-college. In this so called pre-college we stay for 8 semesters, one semester is half a year so the amount of time spent there is 4years (average). From there on some go to university and some start to work. We have only two choices of university because there is only one in Reykjavík and one in Akureyri which is at the other side of Iceland. The lack of choice isa reflection on the country's low population. It is also very popular to go abroad to university but it is most often too expensive

About the nightlife:

Like you (other teenagers) we go to the clubs at weekends and celebrate the weekend with parties, if anything the Icelandic nightlife is livelier than in other countrys. Icelandic people party very much both teenagers and grown ups, and they have often proved that all ages can party together in harmony, as everybody goes down town on the weekends. When you go down town you pass through a square wich is called "Lækjartorg" which is a square that connects all the clubs, and at 3 o´clock the clubs & pubs close and all the people gather on this square. There people often talk for 1-2 hours before they go home to sleep.

On the whole there is a lot to do in Iceland but as everywhere else you have got to keep your eyes and ears open for new ideas so you will not end up getting bored with the things to do,which of course people do if they repeat the same things over and over again.

Guðjón Abbes.