Some impressions from Sweden

At the roadside as you leave an Icelandic town there´s a sign that tells you that you are leaving it. I´ve been trying to figure out the purpose of that sign. I mean there is no question of whether you are leaving or not. Until you reach the sign, it´s a steady row of residential blocks. Beyond the sign, nothing but untouched nature.

Wild nature. Without trees, without animals. Only mountains, waterfalls and lava. I´ve never been a child of nature, but I´m really impressed by the beauty of the Icelandic landscape. You can see everything. Nothing is hidden - as in Sweden - by forest. The only limits are set by your own eyesight.

Another thing is that man is merely a visitor here. Nature accepts, but pays little attention. If man ever started to enjoy it, nature would simply throw him out. This feeling is even strong in the centre of Reykjavík where the mountain Esja is ever towering over the city like a momument to the power of nature herself.

Here the landscape is not shaped by man as it is in Sweden and most other countries. On the contrary, man is shaped by nature. Icelanders are like their natural surroundings. Everything is black or white. Either or. No grey areas.

It´s a different and amazing country, so let me end by praising it in - for the culture - a fitting way: skál fyrir Ísland!