Superstition and muscle cramps!

The Icelanders are known to be superstitious and credulous in our sagas. The sagas tell us much about the previous inhabitants in Iceland and the life they led here. This course in Hamrahlíð College we decided to join in was partly to introduce us to Icelandís history and human life as affected by the volcanoes in Iceland. We were a very mixed group of students who took part in the course because we knew this would be a way to meet other people and surely to see our own island. Most of us had never been at these places and we were probably more astonished about the landscape than any other tourists!

Just to tell you briefly about it how it felt to see this (sorry to say but) indescribable view, it was breathtaking!! After having walked for over an hour straight up a steep mountain having cursed every stone you stepped on, lost liters of sweat, blood and tears, you forgot all this immediately when you opened your eyes and realized that you had reached the top, ALIVE! (some of us did of course run up the mountain without a tear in their eye)

But what I really wanted to talk about here was actually about superstition and how we got involved with it in our trip to Lakagígar.

We had been walking and walking mostly over dangerous lava fields when it suddenly came into view!

At first sight it seemed to be just a normal crater which had cooled down and there seemed to be the usual clean healthy water in it. Well, not everything is what it seems to be or something like that.

Then we were told about the magic in the water!

We all drank from it and even saved some in bottles because it is alleged to posess sexual powers. It may have worked for some - I don´t know for sure, but it was certainly worth trying. Perhaps the affects come later?