Walking up Laki, a cleft mountain.

On our trip to Lakagígar we had to walk up to mountain called Laki. Laki is 818m above sea level. It is a móberg mountain situated right on top of the eruption fissure of 1783. I´m not sure but I think that is the reason why it almost split in two, but didn´t quite make it. The Lakagígar (eruption crater row) got its name from the mountain Laki which also tells os that Laki has been there for very long time.

When you come close to the mountain it doesn´t seems to be very hard climing . From the point we started at it was only about 200m to walk up. I have to admit that it was much harder than I thought in the begining and the only thing that kept me walking was that I stopped now and then and saw more and more of that incredible beautiful landscape. The weather that day was also very good and the autumn colours of nature spectacular.

Finally after 30 minutes walk we were there. I was quite amazed. The craters and the landscape were unbelievable. It was so fresh, so clean. Something you can not get in the city. I was very moved by the scene. My eyes wandered over and over what I saw, again and again. I just couldn´t get enough. I could have spent the rest of the day just sitting there looking.

Unnur Björk