Who and where we are

Hamrahlíð College is situated in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, which is a republic of approximately 250,000 inhabitants. The school prepares students for university and other higher education institutions. The educational system is based on one-term courses, the students following a core in the fields of natural science, physics, modern languages or social sciences. There is scope for experimental option courses and all students take up to one third of their required points quota through a selection of such courses. If you would like some general information about Iceland try these links:

The virtual field trip on which you are about to embark, is a joint course developed by the history and earth science departments and has been taught for 6 years. It centres around 3 major field trips which are to volcanic eruption areas in southern Iceland which have had a major influence on the course of Iceland´s history. The students receive basic instruction on the geology and history of Iceland and prepare reports on the field trips.

The platform used for presenting the field trip is the GEO. earth science site which is a web site being developed by Georg Douglas, one of the course teachers. The intention is to increase the amount of on-line teaching and to instruct students on how to find and use information resources in the earth and planetary sciences. The GEO. web site is a key part of this process.

Teacher contact: george@rvik.ismennt.is (earth science) gunnast@rvik.ismennt.is (history)