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TELNET searching for books
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(for online Internet libraries, see Dewey Classified Links )
Universities and other academic institutions provide online search facilities for books and periodicals, often by author, title, classification system etc. Connection is usually by telnet for which a username and password is required.

Some useful searchable libraries, with telnet logon instructions.

What to do when you find a book

GEGNIR- National Library of Iceland searchable Telnet interface. General information on WWW
If you want to telnet direct, then do the following:

The Open University (UK) - this has a very friendly (for telnet) user interface. Once connected, Icelandic users can choose Icelandic working via GEGNIR.

The Library of Congress (Telnet access) - Very useful, though not the friendliest interface.

The Science Museum Library, London - very large collection of scientific books and journals, international coverage.

What to do when you find a book


WWW searchable libraries

Library of Congress Catalogs - QUICK SEARCH - very simple: enter either title words or author name. Works amazingly well.

The Library of Congress - BROWSE SEARCH - you can access catalogues for books, journals and maps directly from your Web Browser. Search options include subject, author, title, Dewey number and many more. This is probably one of the easiest ways of finding book s and journal articles.

CISTI HIA Library - the library of the Canadian Astronomy Data Center. You won´t be able to access the books or slide collections, but it will give you good information on book titles and articles in journals as well as preprints. Easy search.

What to do when you find a book


Other book-related searches



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