Searching news sources
The large news organisations usually cover major events and discoveries in science. Since their reports are aimed at a wide audience, the language is often easy to understand and such reports can be a quick way of getting a clear overall view of many science topics. However, don┤t be satisfied with this only: look for further information in the other
GEO. resources. Online news coverage includes text as well as images and audiovisual displays.

Remember, earth science news can come from almost anywhere - don┤t neglect these sources.

Note: choosing the following links will automatically open a new window for your browser. When finished, simply close the window and you will be back at this page.

CNN SEARCH (Cable News Network) - simple search form enables search of CNN news archives or Internet search (via Infoseek). Good help provided.

FOX News - SEARCH - Search for recent and past news stories using search form.

Greinasafn Morgunbla­sins - Search Iceland┤s largest daily newspaper for quality reporting and expert articles on the country┤s volcanoes and other natural hazards, for example.

News Page (Individual Inc.) - Keyword searchable news sources, from today or past 5 days. Although apparently orientated towards business world, it usually turns up something on earth science topics. Uses reliable nws sources. Well worth using.


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