GEO. Search engines

A simple search stategy

You probably came to the Search pages because you know practically nothing about what you need to find. In such cases a simple search strategy can be useful. Here is one below (Note: all the links will open in a new window, so that this list is always visible):

1. Try a general encyclopedia of knowledge:
example - Encyclopedia Britanica

2. Using some of the words you find from the Encyclopedia Britanica try an organised search in a reliable on-line collection of links:
example - BUBL Earth Science (note there are other BUBL categories)

3. Try one of the more subject related searches:
examples in the GEO. earth science data bases -

4. Using a search engine, try some of the words you have encountered in the above searches:
example -

5. Go back to the top of the search pages and start over again, using a different search strategy:

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