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In order to be able to see various animation, video clips, some pictures and hear sound, you will need one or two "helper" programmes which need to be installed to run with your browser (e.g. Netscape). They will be especially useful for getting the most out of the GEO. Realtime and Virtual Reality pages. The sites I have selected on these pages require no more than the following very widely used plugins. You should do your very best to get those marked with .
To download them, click on the name:

RealPlayer G2- the industry standard for online sound, including realtime broadcasts.

Quicktime (Apple) - various versions of movie viewer. Extensively used for animations and longer videos of scenery, crystal or molecular models.

Cosmo Player (VRML player for Netscape 3) (Silicon Graphics/Platinum.) - industry standard for "3-D" images on the Web. When properly installed in your browser you can zoom, move your viewpoint up to 360 degrees and "walk" past objects. Increasingly being used. NASA has used it for 3-D images of Mars´surface. Has also great potential for understanding crystal and molecular structures, though little has yet appeared on the web.

Vmpeg 1,2 (via - Windows version. Plays MPEG video. If you are interested, there is a newer 1,7 version which also plays sound. Try an Altavista search.

Macromedia Shockwave (Macromedia) - used for interactive multimedia, graphics, and streaming audio on the World Wide Web. Often used by major companies like CNN, Sony, and Virgin. Streaming of high-resolution images and vector graphics allow you to zoom and pan up to 25,000% without losing any image quality. However at present (July ´97) there are not many sites in earth science using this.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe) - for .PDF files view,navigate, and print PDF files

Some general help on plugins:

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