GEO. Make-contact Resources

The Internet is about communication. The links on these pages all provide the opportunity to contact or work with people directly. You can make contact with other students and teachers or experts in many different scientific fields in a variety of ways. You can discuss earth science issues using E-mail or special newsgroups, or you can take part in a wide variety of projects going on throughout the world, or merely observe from the sidelines.

The links are divided into two groups:

Usenet newsgroups and listservs- some earth science related newsgroups and listservs useful at highschool level.
Make-contact links- take part in joint projects, or speak to top scientists. Links classified using the Dewey Decimal System.



Dewey classified Make Contact Links
Click on any class:

360Social services, associations|500Natural sciences|520Astronomy and allied sciences|
530Physics|540Chemistry and allied sciences|
550Earth sciences|560Paleontology|
570Life sciences|580Plants|590Animals|
600Technology|620Engineering and allied sciences|660Chemical engineering|900Geography. History.

last update:19.04.1999

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360Social services, associations

Ask the experts (Scientific American) - the environmental section of their ask the experts pages.

500 Natural sciences and mathematics




520 Astronomy and allied sciences


530 Physics


540 Chemistry and allied sciences


550 Earth sciences


560 Paleontology and paleozoology


570 Life sciences and Biology



580 Plants


590 Animals


600 Technology (Applied sciences)

620 Engineering and allied operations

660 Chemical engineering


900 Geography, History.

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Do you know about the Ask an expert web pages?

There are many web sites where you can ask directly for help on a particular topic from an expert in a particular field. You will find links to experts in volcanology, space travel, chemistry and many other fields in the Dewey classified make-contact pages. Before sending off a question you should check on three important things: