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Georg´s choice

Georg´s choice is a particularly relevant and interesting article which I choose once a month from the better known on-line scientific journals.  These articles frequently reflect the content of the earth science courses.  The present theme I have chosen is life in the universe.

gech.gif (396 bytes) Choose the link for this month´s choice which is a special SETI report from Sky and Telescope (Online) and is all about the chances of finding life elsewhere in the universe (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence).
Sky & Telescope’s SETI Section

see also:

The Chance of Finding Aliens: Reevaluating the Drake Equation - Govert Schilling.

New Scientist 18 sept. 1999 Vol162 No 2204 - this edition is largely devoted to the subject of life in our solar system and other possible systems. Is anybody out there? You can get the journal in the school library under class 500

See also Scientifc American July 1999 - Molecules from space - Bernsteinn M. P., Sandford S.A., Allamandola L. J. (p 26-33).  Essential reading if you are interested in the origin of life on earth (and elsewhere -:).  You can get the journal in the school library under class 500

Other interesting recent journal articles:

The frontiers of space, ed. J Rennie (Sci. American 2001). Collection of articles highlighting hot topics and based on recent missions within our solar system. Printed - available via. college library.

Scientific American March 1999 special issue - The future of space exploration.  A good summary of where we should go next and why, as well as information on how the spacecraft will be propelled.

Meteor in the Arabian desert. (Scientific American, The Day the Sands Caught Fire, Jeffrey C. Wynn and Eugene M. Shoemaker).