560 Paleontology and paleozoology

Blast from the past (National Museum of Natural History, U.S.A) - Deals with the extinction period sixty-five million years ago when the Age of Dinosaurscame to an end as well as many other life forms. This interval of abrupt change in Earth's history, called the K/T Boundary, closed the Cretaceous (K) Period and opened the Tertiary (T) Period. This reliable well illustrated academic web site examines the theory that an asteroid collision may have caused the extinction.
Introduction to Ichnology (trace fossils) (A Martin, USA) - a good overall information resource on the subject as well as an image database. See also applications - images. The site is university level, but much of value to the interested highschool student.
The Natural History Museum-PALEONTOLOGY (UK) - brief but useful online project descriptions: ancient nucleic acids, human origins, the K-T boundary extinctions.
Palaeontology (BUBL)
The Royal Tyrrell Museum (Alberta, Can.) - perhaps best known for its online dinosaur exhibition (see applications-virtual reality), the museum has many other programmes and information on paleontology in general. A lot of well written and informative text contains practically all you need to know on fossils and other paleontological topics. NB. the Timescale nomenclature is N American, not European.
UC Museum of Paleontology (Berkeley Ca) - very large web site deals with all aspects of the subject. Good starting points for the highschool student could be: Learning from the Fossil Record or Palentology without walls (a series of virtual exhibits)
WWL 560 - 2 entries (UK)