620 Engineering and allied operations

 Engineering (BUBL)

620.1 - Material Science and Testing
Material science and testing (BUBL)
Materials engineering (WWWVL)
VIMS (Univ. of N Carolina) - interactive courseware on materials science - covers all the major topics you are likely to encounter such as.crystal structure, defects, ceramics, glass, polymers, semiconductors etc etc. Definitely university stuff, but you will find concise and very clear explanations and many quicktime movies of structure etc which aid understanding.


Space (Yahoo)
Space Missions & Probes (from Lycos A to Z) - Apollo, Gemini, Jupiter, Magellan, Mars, NASA General, Pluto, Saturn, Space Shuttle, Space Stations & Vehicles, The Moon, Venus. Useful collection of links to the main programmes, all in one place.
Interplanetary Probes "hot list" (NASA) - list of links to official web sites (i.e. NASA etc) devoted to the "classics" such as Magellan, Gallileo, Mars Global Surveyor. Goes back to Mariner etc.




  • 629.435 Astronautical exploratory and data-gathering flights
    Magellan mission to Venus (JPL) - highly successful mission which carried out radar mapping.
    629.44 Auxiliary spacecraft
      629.442 Space stations
      International space station (NASA) - this link will take you to the reference section, a good place to begin. It answers questions like why build a space station. You can also go to the science section to see the various programmes.
  • 629.45 Manned space flight
    MIR Russian space station -
    Shuttle Web (NASA) - information on the shuttle programme organised mainly around particular flights. Gives links to the next flight and past flights. Note this site concentrates on the actual flight aspects. If you are looking for scientific results then you should check under the various topics being investigated.