GEO. Realtime Earth Science

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These links provide data, such as scientific measurements in realtime or very rapidly, at intervals of from several seconds up to several hours. Examples include video images of volcanic eruptions, measurements of the earth┤s magnetosphere and satellite photography.

A short intoduction and quick look at a few examples of the use of realtime technology in earth science.
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Dewey classified Realtime Links

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500Natural sciences|520Astronomy and allied sciences|
530Physics|540Chemistry and allied sciences|
550Earth sciences|560Paleontology|
570Life sciences|580Plants|590Animals|
600Technology|620Engineering and allied sciences|660Chemical engineering|900Geography. History.

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500 Natural sciences and mathematics

Discovery channel on-line Earth Alert (Discovery Communications Inc. ) - daily news reports on a wide range of natural hazards and events, including earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, avalanches, animals etc.

520 Astronomy and allied sciences


  • 523.43Mars
    Mars daily weather report (almost realtime!) NOT OPERATIONAL until spring 1998.
    Mars Global Surveyor (JPL/NASA) - recent telemetry. Information on the spacecraft┤s systems at one-minute updates, (when it is being tracked.). Look especially at the science payload deck.
    Mars Pathfinder - Live Video and Audio (NASA Select TV/Vosaic Inc.) - streamed TV & audio from a number of mirrors. Operational July 1997 - ?? No plugin necessary but 28,800 bps modem is and your system provider may need to contact support.
    Mars today (Howard Houben) - a poster produced daily by the Center for Mars Exploration at NASA's Ames Research Center. The updated poster depicts current conditions on Mars and its relationship to Earth in six panels.

530 Physics

540 Chemistry and allied sciences

550 Earth sciences

  • 551.22 Earthquakes
    Helicorder- video image of seismograph at UNRSL, Nevada.
    Mount St. Helens Seismicity Information (University of Washington Geophysics Program) - list and map of seiamic events in the Mt. St. Helens area practically in real time. Worth looking at as an example of volcanic - related seismic activity and you may eventually see the seismic patterns leading up to an eruption! (note to Icelandic students: good comparison here to Krafla events)

    Seismic Monitor (IRIS) - a VERY high-tech colour world map, updated every 30 minutes, showing earthquake distribution, age etc in various colours. Earthquakes that have occurred within the last 24 hours are shown with red circles. The circles fade through orange to yellow within 15 days. After 15 days, the circles are replaced by light purple dots that remain on the map for five years. The map is also interactive, giving various information when epicenters are selected. Zoom facility.
    Seismo cam- video image of seismograph recorder at NBC-4 Los Angeles, Ca.
    Tsunami - WEST COAST & ALASKA TSUNAMI WARNING CENTER - near realtime warnings and information on possible tsunami, with related earthquake information. Much additional material on the subject.
    USGS-National Earthquake Information Center- near realtime global earthquake information.
    Ve­urstofa ═slands Jar­e­lissvi­ (Meteorological Office - Geophysics Dept.)
    - gives maps of selected regions in Iceland showing epicentres for the last 48 hours.   Select from the following:
    ═sland, Hengill, Reykjanesskagi, Su­urland. Mřrdalsj÷kull.


560 Paleontology and paleozoology

570 Life sciences and Biology

580 Plants

590 Animals

600 Technology (Applied sciences)

620 Engineering and allied operations

660 Chemical engineering

900 Geography, History.

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