Links to earth science shareware and freeware repositories, as well as purchasing information from software companies.

Dewey classified Software Links

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500Natural sciences|520Astronomy and allied sciences|
530Physics|540Chemistry and allied sciences|
550Earth sciences|560Paleontology|
570Life sciences|580Plants|590Animals|
600Technology|620Engineering and allied sciences|660Chemical engineering|900Geography. History.

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500 Natural sciences and mathematics


520 Astronomy and allied sciences


530 Physics


540 Chemistry and allied sciences

Instructional Software for Chemistry (St. Lower Simon Fraser, BC) - lists of software sources, demonstration materials and other resources of interest to chemistry teachers and course designers.
CTI Software Catalogue - well organised (by subject) catalogue giving addresses, prices etc. of chemistry software for teaching and research. (CTI=Computers in Teaching Initiative U.K)


550 Earth sciences


560 Paleontology and paleozoology


570 Life sciences and Biology


580 Plants


590 Animals


600 Technology (Applied sciences)


620 Engineering and allied operations


660 Chemical engineering


900 Geography, History.


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