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Earth science
(Sumatra earthquake)

(Mars life?,Titan atmosphere probe,ISST., etc.)

last update: 08.11.2005


Latest space news
Selected top stories Regular space reports
Venus Express launch 09.11.2005. ESA´s own website - launch and flight details

Venus Express website - science information

Methan meaasurements on Mars continue to raise speculation on life: Space daily report.

Latest news on Huygens probe at Titan - ESA news pages

Huygens Mission to Titan - Probe separates from orbiter 25 December, enters Titan atmosphere 14 January 2005.

Tempel 1 comet - deep impact project to provide new information on comet interior. NASA-Univ. Maryland website

New MarsQuest Online educational site well worth looking at.

Mars Spirit and Opportunity rovers, sending images and data (JPL).

Hot Spots On Mars Give Hunt For Life New Target - SpaceDaily report

Bands on Europa - Planetary science research feature story

Galileo flies through dark rings of Jupiter.

Galileo looks at Amalthea.  Galileo home page
Also, final images of Io are now available,

The Arthur Clarke greenhouse (NASA Haughton Mars project)

Solar system like our own discovered, 55 Cancri. Reports at:
California & Carnegie Planet Search
Science@NASA (Good summary)

Abundant water ice on Mars - Science @ NASA report

Jupiter´s 39 moons - Univ. of Hawaii research

Mars Odyssey: 
new daily THEMIS mapping images 
(high resolution images)

NASA Odyssey website website

A Taste for Comet Water (NASA science)
Water in Earth's oceans could have come from outer space - new isotopic evidence.

International Space Station - science (NASA)
Details of all the intended science projects in earth science, chemistry, medicine, biology and more.
The space station project is steadily becoming a reality.

Daily reports (NASA - Marshall Sp. C.,)














(SST., Casinni etc.)

Earth science:

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last update: 08.11.2005

Earthquake 8,7 M Sumatra, 28 March (IRIS) - near Christmas 2004 epicentre, no large tsunami

Stromboli eruption, April. Pictures and reports. (Stromboli online)

NASA begins issuing its new radar map of world
(release stopped since 11.09.2001)

Etna current eruption:
Regular professional reports - see GEO. eruption links

Life without light - photosynthesis vs. chemosynthesis - Major Woods Hole expedition to Indian Ocean studying life at hydrothermal vents (NASA science)
see also Dive and discover (Woods Hole)

New evidence for causes of extinction?
Apocalypse Then (NASA science) - fullerenes from Permian-Triassic boundary layer may hold clues.
The Incredible Shrinking Ozone Hole (NASA)
- ozone hole closed earlier than usual this year

The two large earthquakes in the South Iceland
seismic zone on June 17 and 21, 2000

(Ragnar Stefánsson, Gunnar B. Guðmundsson, Páll Halldórsson - Meteorological Office-Geophysics, Reykjavík)

Continental drift and the future - Continents in Collision:
Pangea Ultima
(NASA Science)

Hekla eruption 26.02.2000
links to Icelandic authorities in earth science











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