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Introduction to newsgroups and listserves.
You should definitely consider following newsgroups and listservs because they contain not only the ranting and ravings of mad scientists, but also solid information and up to date news. It is estimated that around one third of all Internet traffic is in newsgroups, so there is good reason not to ignore them. If you are not sure what you are looking for, you can also usefully search DEJANEWS a powerful USENET newsgroup search facility.

Newsgroups are messages and discussions on particular subjects or interests posted on the USENET network which can be accessed easilly via the Internet. You can read and reply to the messages or post new ones via your browser, (e.g. Netscape). A special news reader window should automatically appear when you click on the name of the newsgroup given. Newsgroups are grouped into certain categories and the content can usually be inferred from the name. Thus .sci indicates a newsgroup connected with science, .rec is used for recreational newsgroups and so on. Some are subscribed to by professional scientists, while others are aimed at the amateur.

Listservs also consist of discussion groups, but the messages are posted entirely via E-mail, using your mail reader (e.g. Eudora). Some listservs are closed, this usually being the case for highly scientific discussion groups, but others are open. A short list of listservs which could be of interest to the highschool earth science student is given below.

Earth and planetary science newsgroups

If you know everything there is to know about newsgroups and listservs and understand newsgroup etiquette, then choose newsgroups or listservs to see a selection in the earth and planetary sciences. If you need help about newsgroups and listservs, then choose advice

Read this before you do anything!


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Newsgroup etiquette


How to join listservs

Suppose your own name is James Bond and you want to join a listserv with the ficticious name GEOEARTH which has the subscription address What you do is:

Some newsgroups worth following - just click on the newsgroup to start the newsreader:

General earth science areas

sci.astro.amateur- a place for serious amateurs!
sci.astro.hubble- the Hubble satellite-mounted Telescope

Space technology,,

sci.chem - General topics in Chemistry.
sci.polymers - Covers topics in polymers chemistry.


Looking for a topic NOT in the lists? The following URLs enable you to search for newsgroups.

DEJANEWS - a powerful USENET newsgroup search facility.
Tilenet search- search for newsgroups (John Buckman)

Some selected earth and planetary science listservs.
A classified general list of science listservs.

Some useful earth and planetary science listservs


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