GEO. Virtual Reality

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These links are a way of participating in real situations by linking directly via your computer to museums and many other institutions. Examples include photographic accounts of exhibitions and geographical areas, as well as simulations of real situations such as the movement of the planets.

The links have been arranged according to the Dewey Classification System but in addition have been marked with one of the following symbols:

virtual exhibition simulated situation
virtual field trip radio/TV broadcast

Dewey Decimal Classification numbers (Edition 21, copyright 1996 by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., Forest Press) displayed on the World Wide Web by permission.

Dewey classified Virtual Reality Links

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500Natural sciences|520Astronomy and allied sciences|
530Physics|540Chemistry and allied sciences|
550Earth sciences|560Paleontology|
570Life sciences|580Plants|590Animals|
600Technology|620Engineering and allied sciences|660Chemical engineering|900Geography. History.

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500 Natural sciences and mathematics


520 Astronomy and allied sciences


530 Physics

Life the Universe and the electron (Science Museum, London with Institute of Physics) - on-line exhibition dealing with the electron from many viewpoints. history of discovery, atomic structure, practical uses and more. Mainly physics orientated.

540 Chemistry and allied sciences

Making Matter - The atomic structure of materials (Hewatt-Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, Sviss) - account of structural crystallography building to large extent on VRML images.  Stunning and effective 3-D realism.   You will need Cosmo Player for this.  Nothing will increase your understanding of crystal structure as well as this.

550 Earth sciences


560 Paleontology and paleozoology

Dinosaur Hall (Royal Tyrrell Museum, Can.) - good views of the main representative types of dinosaur.

Inside the Russian Paleontological Institute Joint project promoting exchange between Moscow's Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academyof Sciences (PIN) and the University of California Museum of Paleontology(UCMP) . Many exciting images of exhibits, including Pleistocene mammoths (frozen fossils)
Palentology without walls (UC., Berkeley ) series of virtual exhibits which are: Phylogeny -- the "family tree" of life. Geological Time -- the temporal existence of groups of organisms. Evolutionary Thought -- evolutionary topics and scientists in their historical context

570 Life sciences and Biology

Royal Tyrrell Museum -VIRTUAL TOUR (Alberta Can.) - this is an excellent way of going through geological time and seeing the evolution of life as revealed by fossils. Also useful accounts of fossil study methods in general and necessary related topics such as continental drift. Possibly the quickest way is to use the "sequential list".

580 Plants

590 Animals

600 Technology (Applied sciences)

The Tech Museum (Ca) - satellites - a virtual museum dealing with all aspects of satellites -Communications,Earth Remote Sensing,Weather, Global Positioning, Scientific Research. The level is simple but very useful

620 Engineering and allied operations

  • 629.441 Space shuttles
    Space Center- Houston Chronicle Interactive space Center news and audio/video files on NASA space topics. Examples include mission descriptions, interviews with astronauts and live communications recordings from NASA missions. (these are also in Realtime links)

660 Chemical engineering

900 Geography, History.


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