the Icelandic Stuttering Association


About Malbjorg

Malbjorg, the Icelandic Stuttering Association, was established in October, 1991. Its overall goal is to work for the benefit of people who stutter. To this end, the association wants to increase understanding of the phenomenon of stuttering among both stutterers and non-stutterers; to increase understanding of the problems people who stutterer face; and to increase knowledge about treatments for stuttering. The association would like to increase the availability of suitable treatment for those who stutter, and has cooperated with specialists in this area. The association has also sponsored a self-help group where people who stutter can come together and discuss their problems, for that is an important first step in coming to terms with stuttering.

Membership in Malbjorg is open to all.

The association's address is:

PO box 10043
130 Reykjavik

Summary in English of the association's newsletter, Malpipan.

If you would like more information in English about stuttering, please go to The Stuttering Homepage.